If we’re going to talk about affiliate marketing, then it’s only fair to talk about the top marketers and their websites. Some of these individuals have made millions of dollars, and they’ve accomplished such a lofty goal because they’re very resourceful. However, they’re also very smart, and they’ve been able to crack the code when it comes to affiliate websites and making money with Amazon.

Some of the best marketers have used 2016 sites for Amazon and determined that Amazon has one of the best affiliate programs on the Internet. The reason why this program is incredibly lucrative is because it offers significant trust that you won’t get from other programs.

It’s true that there are hundreds of different affiliate programs to choose from, but the problem is that many of these programs don’t have as much trust flow as amazon. When you look at the basics, Amazon has been around since the inception of the Internet.

They have consumers baited and hooked, and they can flip a finger and get money. Affiliate marketers can do the same, but they need to make sure they have a valid email list. The purpose of the list is to provide consumers with the best choices for products.

Why Products Matter

When you’re trying to make money with Amazon using affiliate sites, you need to understand that the products you choose to promote really matter. For example, for a long time we were sending traffic to a top-three list. This list was for something like beard trimmers. We noticed that most of the traffic was choosing to buy the #1 product. Unfortunately, we had a cheap $30 product listed as the #1 choice.

To increase our revenue, we swapped out the top product for a much more expensive product, and as a result, we were able to further increase the earning power of the site. In the end, the site was able to pull almost $100 more per month from a tiny little change.

You can also use these changes in your business to increase the amount of money that you’re making from the Amazon affiliate program. You might be surprised to learn how much income can be generated from these tiny affiliate sites.